Are the Heat in trouble?

The Miami Heat are coming off of back-to-back seasons as NBA champions. 

As of late, they haven’t been playing like champions though.

Yesterday the Brooklyn Nets just completed a 4-0 season sweep of the Heat.  Miami also just lost again tonight to the Memphis Grizzlies.


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This should have been a foul in my opinion

The Heat more or less got a few calls that went against them last night (such as the one above), but regardless they should’ve won this game.  They now fall a 1/2 game back of the Indiana Pacers for the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference.

This actually raises an interesting question, should the Heat lose on purpose to gain the #2 seed and an easier road in the Eastern Conference Playoffs.  The #2 seed would play the Charlotte Bobcats in the first round and after that they’d play the winner of the #3 and #6 matchup between the Toronto Raptors and the Washington Wizards.  Meanwhile the #1 seed would have to face a surging Atlanta Hawks team and after that face the winner of the #4 and #5 matchup between the Chicago Bulls and the Brooklyn Nets.  Losing might make sense here.

Until the playoffs start though, Heat fans might want to hit the panic button until Wade returns.   

Until that time comes, let’s just say the season is won in June and it’s not won in April.

But if you could lose the season in April the Heat are doing everything they can to lose it. 

Stay Classy Everyone!



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