The Portland Timbers allegedly overcharged Seattle Sounders FC fans for tickets

The last match between the Seattle Sounders FC and the Portland Timbers saw the Sounders overcome a three goal deficit, thanks to Clint Dempsey’s hat trick, to finish the match with a 4-4 draw. Dempsey’s hat trick has easily dominated the story lines regarding that match, and rightfully so. But there was a much smaller story that is getting ignored, and that’s the fact that the Timbers allegedly charged the Emerald City Supporters — an independent Sounders FC fan club — $45 for a $27 ticket:

Obviously, the ECS wasn’t very pleased with this price gouging and so they created a protest banner to bring to the game. And then the MLS promptly “sanctioned” the supporter group…leading to an alleged 20% reduction in its allocation for the Sounders’ away game in Vancouver.

That sanctioning of ECS is ridiculous when you consider how much the league has struggled with attendance in the past. You would think that they would do anything to help the fans when a rival club is unfairly overcharging that supporter group, but only charging their supporters the ticketed price.

These type of stories are incredibly frustrating for as a fan because of the fact that these organizations are able to get away with it and face no repercussions. It’s a bush league tactic that should be embarrassing to the league and therefore needs to be stopped.

But apparently, MLS is more concerned about making the clubs happy, instead of its slowly growing fan base.

Update 4/9/14 at 4:06 pm

Apparently the 20% reduction that the ECS claims they have received are not a result of MLS sanctions. According to the Vancouver Whitecaps FC Twitter feed, the club gave the Sounders FC its full ticket allocation for the game in Vancouver. And that the reduction is something that the ECS should talk to the Sounders FC about.

Click on this link for an update regarding the ticket policy of the Portland Timbers

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