Mariner Diaries #4: Let’s not jump ship just yet

Where did I leave off.

Oh yah the Seattle Mariners started off the season 3-0 by sweeping the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  Well sadly that’s no longer the case.  The M’s have some problems right now to say the least, losing their sixth straight game today to fall to 7-11 on the season and four games below the .500 mark.

Let’s try thinking about the positives though.  Robinson Cano did hit his first home run on Thursday, and while things do look a little bleak as of late (the M’s are now six back of the Oakland A’s for the AL West division lead) they still have a lot of baseball left to be played.

I entered today a little pessimistic, but looking at Neil Roberts article today reminded me that baseball is a very long season.  The Mariners have a lot of time to turn this around and right the ship.

Here’s the disabled list for the Seattle Mariners too.  I got this from the “Roster section on ESPN”. 

Disabled List
49 Blake Beavan DL15 SP R R 25 6-6 245 Irving, TX $518,700
18 Hisashi Iwakuma DL15 SP R R 33 6-3 210 Tokyo, Japan $6,500,000
20 Logan Morrison DL15 1B L L 26 6-2 225 Kansas City, MO $1,750,000
65 James Paxton DL15 SP L L 25 6-4 220 Richmond, Canada $503,500
32 Taijuan Walker DL15 SP R R 21 6-4 220 Shreveport, LA $502,400

Pitching is this team’s strength, and 3 of the 5 starting pitchers in the rotation (Walker, Paxton, and Iwakuma) are on the 15 day disabled list.  Not to mention that the Mariners are also returning home for a three game series against the Houston Astros tomorrow (you know the team below the Mariners in the West standings).

So have faith, and don’t give up on this team just yet.

Stay Classy Everyone!







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  1. Pitching is the team’s strength?

    While Walker and Paxton have a ton of talent…they are no where near proven starting pitchers (same with Elias). It’ll be interesting to see how Walker, Paxton and Iwakuma are when they come back from the Disabled List.

    • Hard saying where they come back at. I don’t think Paxton loses six weeks and comes back just where he left off. Anytime you are dealing with pitching injuries its always a question of what they come back with.
      You know, the Mariners have two identifiable problems that link back to this development project now in it’s fourth or fifth year. Pitchers can’t stay healthy and hitters can’t stay consistent. Now, they either completely missed on the talent (possible) or there is something that they are doing wrong in terms of development.

      • I think development of talent has definitely been a problem for this organization as a general rule. Especially on the offensive end.

    • When Kuma and Paxton come back, we’ll just beat everybody 2-1 1-0. Not likely. That lineup is garbage. They are going to have to throw in the towel on a few of those guys by the end of this year. Those guys are all 3-4 year starters now and aren’t showing improvement as they should. Their not young anymore. They’re all in their arbitration years.

      • We shall see at the end of the season…making rash decisions — like sending Franklin back to Tacoma after 15 ABs — in April area really, really bad idea. And if your referring to Smoak, he was league average bat last year.

        So it will be interesting to see what his stats look like at the end of this season.