Month: May 2014

MLB Divisional Power Rankings for May

So far in the 2014 MLB season has seen an exceptional amount of mediocrity from the majority of its teams, and only a handful have clearly established that they are better (or worse) than the middling pack. This is especially true in the American League, were there are only five teams that posses a positive ...


Stevenson vs. Fonfara

Even Superman had a rough battle or two but in the end he always came out on top. In a tougher and more entertaining bout than expected Adonis “Superman” Stevenson (24-1, 21KO) defended the lineal light heavyweight championship by a unanimous decision against the underrated Andrzej Fonfara (25-3, 15KO). Stevenson survived a late rally by ...

Pac-12 Presidents send out a letter with suggested changes to the NCAA

The NCAA has been a laughable debacle over the last decade and that situation has become worse under the organization’s President Mark Emmert. In fact, the way the NCAA has governed college athletics has been so controversial, that a couple of members of the United States House of Representatives talked about passing legislation  to force the ...

Listen to the Sports with Neil podcast interview of Nate Hughart

It’s been over a month and a half since Sports with Neil had a live broadcast. But that comes to an end tonight at 9:30 pm when we take to the air to talk about the NBA playoffs, and take a look at the Sacramento Kings arena with friend of the blog Nate Hughart. We ...

The NHL Commissioner reportedly flew to Seattle to get an update on the SODO Arena

The NHL to Seattle rumors that Seattle Times investigative reporter Geoff Baker started a month ago received a major boost on Tues. March 13th; when King 5 reporter Chris Daniels broke the story that NHL Commissioner Gary Bettmand and Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly flew to Seattle to meet with Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and King Country ...

The good, the bad, and the ugly from the first round of the NFL Draft

The show that is the first round of the NFL Draft has come and gone for 2014. There were quite a few teams that traded out of the first round in an attempt to put themselves in a better position to get the guys that they wanted. Many of these teams made some interesting decisions ...

An early look at the MLB playoff race

As the MLB season has completed its first month, there are only a handful of teams that appear to be out of the playoff picture *cough, cough..Astros*. This is easily the most optimistic time of year for many fan bases around the MLB landscape, and it means that a lot of fans are wondering whether or not ...


Mayweather Wins But Loses Aura of Invincibility

The simplicity of boxing allows grand narratives to be drawn quickly. When a fight is announced, there is usually a clear ‘good’ guy and ‘bad’ guy to root for and against. Fans are eager to label fighters with various verbal ticks such as ‘quitter’, ‘warrior’, and even ‘god’. Most of these labels are overly simplistic ...

Will the Sonics be back by 2017?

The Seattle SuperSonics haven’t existed since the original franchise relocated to Oklahoma City following the 2007-08 season. But the fan base still exist, and is still fighting to get its team back; and it seemed like only the fans were the ones fighting to get the team back. That is until Chris Hansen showed up ...

AL Central Power Rankings; the after April edition.

  The American League Central, according to our divisional power rankings, is the second worst division in the MLB. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to take a look at the individual teams within the division, after all…it’s only fair. Here’s another reminder of how these rankings work, we will be ranking each team ...

NBA Playoff Post #2: Blazers Playoff Drought Ends

The Portland Trail Blazers have won their first playoff series since 2000. That is all thanks to Damian Lillard.  The Rockets were leading 98-96 with 0.9 seconds left in Game 6 of this Western Conference series, and they were looking to head back to Houston for Game 7.  The only thing they didn’t count on ...

NL West Power Rankings; the post April edition

We continue our look at each of the six divisions within baseball, by handing out rankings to each team within the division using sabermetrics. The three statistics that we will use are wOBA, K/BB, and UZR; each team will earn points by how they end up in the standings in each statistics. At the end ...

AL West Power Rankings; the post April edition

For those of you who saw our divisional power rankings for April, this next part of the series shouldn’t be that hard to follow, as we go through each of the six divisions and rank each team within the division. This way we can figure out which team is the best in the division, outside ...

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