NBA Playoff Post #4: History is written by the Victors!

This entry is more or less going to be a personal rant rather than one about the facts.

The facts are that the San Antonio Spurs won their fifth NBA Title and avenged their 2013 Finals loss to the Miami Heat.  Tim Duncan collected his fifth ring along with Spurs coach Gregg Popovich.  Meanwhile Kawhi Leonard was named Finals MVP.

Going to the other side of the coin the Miami Heat played the most pathetic basketball imaginable.  They lost three straight double digit games and as the series moved on it became more and more likely that they were outmatched from the start.  It seemed LeBron’s cramps due to the air conditioning malfunction in Game 1 was just a harbinger of misfortune to come.  Partners in crime Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh both disappeared at times, and while LeBron should have overcome some adversity there is only so much he can do by himself.


The bottom line is that it sucks to lose a championship.  Sure the Heat were able to get two in a row and I was celebrating at this time both last year and two years ago, but right now I’m experiencing something that hasn’t happened since 2011.


2011 was different because it seemed that LeBron at times disappeared against the Dallas Mavericks in that series.  2014 featured LeBron doing all he could and his team being unable to pick up the slack.  This leaves a lot of questions about the “Big Three” in Miami.

If the Heat do decide to get Carmelo Anthony there is a very good chance that Bosh might be the first to go.  Wade will probably stay, but there is a very strong chance Ray Allen will retire in the coming months along with Rashard Lewis.  The two former Sonics stars have been pleasant surprises for the Miami Heat.  Lewis was even inserted in the playoff starting lineup several times much to my surprise.  Role player Chris Anderson and maybe even Shane Battier might leave too (the former more likely than the latter).  Pat Riley has issued an ultimatum pleading the players to work it out, but change might be coming soon.

If the Heat would have won this Finals series I would have released an article stating why LeBron’s Heat would have beating Jordan’s Bulls in six games.  Am I now, no of course not.  I would have looked like an idiot and been laughed off this sports blog.

A big point of my argument is that Jordan couldn’t guard both LeBron and Dwyane Wade, but how is that so if Wade keeps on putting up stinkers like he did in Game 5 of this years finals.  I also stated how Rodman might be the tougher player but that Bosh was the better outside shot.  Which may be true, but Bosh was one of the weak links in this Heat team.  Rodman was a hard worker and a big reason why those classic Bulls teams were so good.   

Now there’s going to be a lot of talk about LeBron and his legacy and about how Jordan would have played through those cramps and how Jordan would have beaten the Spurs, but with the mileage Jordan had it would have been very hard for him to get a 7th ring if he’d have come back during the 98-99 NBA season.  At the start of the Finals the Heat trio of Bosh, Wade, and James accumulated 10,000 more minutes than the Spurs trio of Duncan, Ginobli, and Parker since the 2010-2011 season.  The Heat were running on empty gas, not to make excuses or anything. 

LeBron has a golden chance to redeem himself and head back home to Cleveland this offseason.  With Kyrie Irving and possible #1 draft pick Joel Embiid the Cavaliers could be a powerhouse if “King James” returns.

The season is in the books, and while I wanted a three-peat unfortunately I didn’t get it.

Maybe it’s for the best.

Stay Classy Everyone!



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