Mariners Diaries #6: Wake Me Up When September Ends!

Hopefully Green Day doesn’t read this blog otherwise we’re getting sued. Anyways let’s take a look at the American League Wild Card standings.

Oakland 79-58 .577% (#1 Wild Card)
Kansas City 74-61 .548% (Tied for AL Central)
Detroit 75-62 .547% (Tied for AL Central)
Seattle 73-63 .537% (1.5 games back of #2 Wild Card)

Since August the Royals and the Tigers have been in a dogfight for the AL Central crown. Despite Detroit’s acquisition of David Price they’ve let their early season division lead slip away. Same for the A’s. At one point they were the best team in baseball, now they are 4.5 back of the Angels.

As for the Mariners they’ve had their fair share of success and struggles over the past few months. King Felix hasn’t been himself lately, in fact during Friday’s 8-3 loss to the Nationals that was the first time in his career he’s given up four home runs in a single game. The Mariners were able to salvage a win Saturday, but following today’s 6-1 loss to the A’s I have lost some of my faith in them.

The question I have is will this Mariners team curl over and die like I think they will, or are they going to prove they’re a legit contender and actually make the postseason. Cautious optimism or safe pessimism. As much as I want to believe the Mariners will contend I think they will finish the season above .500 but be just out of reach of a playoff spot. Why they didn’t get Nelson Cruz I will never know…

Play Ball!



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