NFL Week 1 Picks!

Well it’s that time of year again. Better than Christmas, better than your birthday, football is back. Let’s start with the kickoff game tomorrow.

Packers at Seahawks





In a rematch of the “Fail Mary” game that saw the Seahawks controversially beat the Packers 14-12, we see two different teams. The play may have jump started a dynasty in the Seahawks much like the “Tuck Rule” in the 2001 Divisional Round that helped the New England Patriots defeat the Oakland Raiders and ultimately win three of the next four Super Bowls. The Packers have won only one playoff game (a win against a Joe Webb Vikings team) since then, and while they’ve added Eddie Lacy to their backfield the team just hasn’t been the same since. Defending champs are 0-2 in kickoff games since 2012, but look for the Seahawks to get right back to where they were.

My Pick: Seahawks

Redskins at Texans





I really could care less who wins this game, but I still have to pick a winner. As good as RGIII was during his rookie campaign he may have more or less been a one-hit wonder during that season. Also I’m not entirely sure he’s going to be looking so hot once Jadeveon Clowney gets a hit or two on him to start the season. Add J.J. Watt into the mix and OUCH!

My Pick: Texans

Titans at Chiefs





I really wish the Jake Locker fanboys would just shut up already and admit their quarterback sucks. While Kansas City is missing Dwayne Bowe, they should still be able to make mincemeat out of a Tennessee team that looks like an AFC South cellar dweller once again.

My Pick: Titans

Patriots at Dolphins





Miami may have won the last time New England was in town, but New England typically wins season openers. Look for them to do the same here.

My Pick: Patriots

Raiders at Jets





The Jets may have just released Dmitri Patterson and probably won’t have Dee Milliner for this Week 1 matchup, but still it’s the Raiders.

My Pick: Jets

Jaguars at Eagles





Expect the Jaguars to try to cover the spread and nothing else.

My Pick: Eagles

Browns at Steelers





The comment I wrote above applies here too, just replace Jaguars with Browns.

My Pick: Steelers

Vikings at Rams





Both teams have terrible quarterback play, and both have good ground attacks. It’ll be a close one, but the Rams have the better defense and I think they’ll get the win here.

My Pick: Rams

Bills at Bears





As much as I despise Jay Cutler he will take home a victory. If nothing else he has the skill pieces of Matt Forte, Alshon Jeffery (fantasy team) and Brandon Marshall to succeed. Plus he is also going against E.J. Manuel.

My Pick: Bears

Bengals at Ravens





This could be one of our games of the week. Both have terrific defenses, but Baltimore’s seems to have changed a little more or less from the unit that won the Super Bowl in 2012. Andy Dalton has been known to make mistakes, but he still has AJ Green and that could be bad for Ravens fans.

My Pick: Bengals

Saints at Falcons





I don’t think Matt Ryan’s 2013 struggles are behind him just yet. The Saints still have one of the fiercest passing attacks in the NFL and with the way they had Atlanta’s number last year I just don’t see the Falcons winning this one.

My Pick: Saints

Panthers at Buccaneers





Carolina will be missing a major part of its offense when it lands in Tampa Bay to start the 2014 season. Cam Newton also hasn’t been himself in the preseason. Still I have a lot more trust in Newton than in Josh McCown.

My Pick: Panthers

49ers at Cowboys





As much as I hate San Francisco I have to give them this one. The Cowboys have pretty much lost their entire defense and in all honesty do you really think Tony Romo is going to pull this one out of his @$$?

My Pick: 49ers

Colts at Broncos





The Colts may have spoiled Peyton Manning’s homecoming last year, but they won’t spoil his home debut for 2014. Wes Welker may be gone but Denver’s defense has gotten a massive tune-up, and I just don’t see Andrew Luck winning this one.

My Pick: Broncos

Giants at Lions





It’s part one of our Monday Night Football doubleheader. Also this is our first big upset. I say that Eli Manning shakes off his preseason blues and gets the Giants a win to start the 2014 season. Detroit continues right where it left off in 2013…collapsing at the finish line.

My Pick: Giants

Chargers at Cardinals





This also has potential to be a game of the week. Arizona has a great defense, but the Chargers come in with rejuvenated vigor based off of their success during the 2013 season. Will the bolo tie make a comeback? I don’t know, but I think that Rivers is going to make a few more plays and that will make the difference.

My Pick: Chargers

So excited for Thursday night. GO SEAHAWKS!


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