My Thoughts On Tonight’s Steelers-Ravens Game

This should be any ordinary Thursday Night game.

Thanks to the individual above it isn’t. Ravens Running back Ray Rice was released by the team and all memorabilia was removed from the premises of the Baltimore Ravens.

I will be in training at UPS so I won’t be able to see this game, but I can imagine that more than one cheeky Steelers fan will have a poster stating some comment about the Ravens former star running back.

I still think the Ravens will win this game since they’re very hard to beat at home (I’m 9-7 on the year so far for NFL picks), but it’s only because the Steelers had a very hard time holding off a late Browns comeback at home. Much to the irritation of fellow Seattleites I will actually be fine if the Steelers win this game.

As for my take on domestic violence, just don’t hit people period.