Week 2 NFL Picks

I was in Michigan with my family so I was unable to make my Week 2 predictions. I will post the ones I got correct and the ones I flubbed on.


Packers over Jets
Broncos over Chiefs
Texans over Raiders
Eagles over Colts
Cardinals over Giants
Ravens over Steelers
Patriots over Vikings
Bengals over Falcons
Redskins over Jaguars


Seahawks over Chargers
49ers over Bears
Saints over Browns
Lions over Panthers
Buccaneers over Rams
Titans over Cowboys
Dolphins over Bills

Well I did ok this week (my overall record is 18-16). As for college football I’m down to 1-5. It is becoming more and more clear to the people on this blog that I know nothing about college sports.

I’m going to try something a little different this week. Tomorrow I will post my Thursday Night Football picks, and later on Friday I will post the rest of my picks for college football and will do the NFL’s slate on Saturday.

Stay Classy Everyone!


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