LookoutLanding would like to remind you about Felix Hernadez’s dadgut

Seattle Mariners rookie starting pitcher James Paxton dominated the Angels on Wednesday night. Paxton struck out eight Angels hitters, while giving up two earned runs, over six innings in the 0-5 Mariners loss. While the loss was frustrating, Seattle Mariners’ SB Nation blog LookoutLanding decided to take a look at what made Paxton so dominate…their conclusion was dadgut.

What exactly does this have to do with Felix Hernandez? We’ll let LL author Colin O’Keef show you:

For those of you who don’t remember, that’s from a glorious 2007 Seattle Mariners’ commercial introducing the City of Seattle to its new king, and his glorious dadgut.

While Hernandez has lost a lot of weight since his debut, his slightly pudgier(younger) self is always going to be remembered by Mariners fans; thanks to this commercial.

In the seven years sense that commercial Hernandez has won a Cy Young Award (2010), thrown a perfect game (2012), and signed a couple of extensions with the Mariners — despite the franchise’s lack of contention during the majority of his career.

Now the King is pitching in meaningful September baseball, and it is amazing.


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