Here’s the rest of Week 3!

With the Falcons dominating victory over the buccaneers, my record has improved to 19-16 overall on the year. I will get back to a normal schedule for next week, it’s just that my grandmother’s funeral did change a few things…so with all that said here we go.

Chargers at Bills





I am as surprised as anyone that the Buffalo Bills are leading the AFC East. Will it last though. Their only wins are against the Bears and Dolphins, and the Chargers did just knock off the defending champion Seahawks. San Diego has a batter passing game, they are the safer pick here.

My Pick: Chargers

Cowboys at Rams





It’s Michael Sam’s new team versus Michael Sam’s old team. Dallas rebounded off of a blowout loss to San Francisco with a blowout of their own over the Titans. Meanwhile the Rams beat the hapless Bucs. While the Cowboys are inconsistent the Rams do have Shaun Hill as their quarterback, and as much fun as I like to make fun of Tony Romo, he’s still better than nothing.

My Pick: Cowboys

Redskins at Eagles





The Eagles could be a team that sneaks up on a lot of people this season. The Redskins should prove no problem for them, especially given the durability concerns of RGIII. NFL Oregon wins again.

My Pick: Eagles

Texans at Giants





As much as I don’t want to discredit Eli Manning, he did lose to both the Lions and the Cardinals, so why should I say he won’t have a hard time against the Texans.

My Pick: Texans

Vikings at Saints





I can’t see the Saints falling to 0-3. For one they play in the Superdome and they rarely lose at home. Two, the Vikings don’t have Adrian Peterson. That’ll be all.

My Pick: Saints

Titans at Bengals





It isn’t so much that the Titans are an incomplete football team. It’s the fact that the Bengals were able to beat a Falcons team pretty convincingly that just hung a 56 something on Tampa Bay. If Dalton can limit his turnovers and let A.J. Green do his stuff, then they are easily Super Bowl contenders.

My Pick: Bengals

Ravens at Browns





As great as the Browns have looked in their past two games, I have to give Baltimore the edge in this one. They just barely lost to a great Bengals team and absolutely demolished Pittsburgh at home last week. I say the Ravens win this pretty handily, but you never know…

My Pick: Ravens

Packers at Lions





Detroit won the last time around, but that was when the Packers didn’t have Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers led a brilliant Week 2 comeback after being down 18 to the Jets. As good as Detroit was in Week 1, I’m questioning how legit they are as a contender after getting beaten pretty handily by Carolina.

My Pick: Packers

Colts at Jaguars





Here’s an easy one!

My Pick: Colts

Raiders at Patriots





And here’s another easy one!

My Pick: Patriots

49ers at Cardinals





As much as I want the Cardinals to win, the 49ers did beat themselves on Sunday and should be 2-0. Stranger things have happened, but Kaepernick gets his groove back and San Francisco gets right back into this tight NFC West race.

My Pick: 49ers

Broncos at Seahawks×1600/nfl-team-logos/147302/nfl-team-logos-denver-broncos-horse-logo-professional-147302.jpg





This is the first Super Bowl rematch since 1997 when the Green Bay Packers defeated the New England Patriots after Super Bowl 31. This one will be a lot closer than the 43-8 blowout, but the Seahawks still win this one. Seattle has one of the best home-field advantages in football and they will come to play especially after that loss to the Chargers last Sunday.

My Pick: Seahawks

Chiefs at Dolphins





I’m not quite sold on the Dolphins quite yet because I think they caught lightning in a bottle when they beat New England in Week 1. Kansas City played very well against Denver and they are far from out of it. I say Kansas City gets back on track and gets the win here.

My Pick: Chiefs

Steelers at Panthers





The Steelers barely beat the Browns, and got blowout by the Ravens. Yah I’m picking the Panthers here.

My Pick: Panthers

Bears at Jets





Both teams just as easily could be 2-0. The Bears lost to a surprise Bills team in Week 1 in overtime, and the Jets squandered an 18 point lead against Green Bay. The Jets have a great defense, but the Bears showed a lot of promise on offense especially with Brandon Marshall going off for three touchdowns. I should be picking the Bears here, but the Jets have the home-field edge. This could be the game of the week, Jets win in a squeaker. Cutler will make a mistake or two.

My Pick: Jets

Cougs are up 7-0 on Oregon by the way.


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  1. I find it interesting that you picked Kansas City over Miami – Vegas doesn’t seem to trust KC at all, and I’d have to agree. Rest of this is spot on though.


    • I really don’t get what Arthur sees in KC either. They over performed in Reed’s first season, and they are showing it now.

      But he’s generally been spot on with the NFL…so we shall see.