Here’s the rest of Week 4

My record has fallen to 29-20 after the Redskins debacle to the Giants. I think their season might just be over. Anyways let’s start the rest of Week 4’s action with an NFC North rivalry game.

Packers at Bears





Under normal circumstances I should be rewarding the Bears and punishing the Packers for their Week 3 play. However, Aaron Rodgers has owned the Bears over the course of his career, and he should get right back where he needs to be. Packers win by at least two scores.

My Pick: Packers

Bills at Texans





I know I shouldn’t be a doubting Thomas about the Buffalo Bills, but their only signature win was against a lackluster Chicago team in Week 1 and against Ryan Tannehill’s Dolphins in Week 2. Plus with J.J. Watt and company going after him, look out!

My Pick: Texans

Titans at Colts





Hard to believe the Titans beat the Chiefs in Week 1. Indy gets back to .500

My Pick: Colts

Panthers at Ravens





This would be an entirely different story if the Panthers won last Sunday’s game. The reality though is that the Panthers got blown out by the Steelers and have to face the team that blew out Pittsburgh in Week 2. Frightening! Steve Smith gets his revenge.

My Pick: Ravens

Lions at Jets





Just like with the Packers/Bears matchup, I should not be rewarding the Jets and I should not be penalizing the Lions. However, Detroit has had a hard time winning games away from home. Jets get back to .500

My Pick: Jets

Buccaneers at Steelers





The Bucs have been looking terrible over the last three games. Pittsburgh meanwhile has looked like a playoff team. Steelers win this one.

My Pick: Steelers

Dolphins at Raiders





I know the Dolphins have laid two eggs since they upset the Pats in Week 1, but this is the Raiders we’re talking about…

My Pick: Dolphins

Jaguars at Chargers





Just cover the spread Jaguars…

My Pick: Chargers

Eagles at 49ers





Well the Niners might be losing Harbaugh to Michigan once this season is over. This should be close, but the high flying Eagles probably will get the win here based off of the Niners two second-half collapses. Philly starts 4-0.

My Pick: Eagles

Falcons at Vikings





Easy one!

My Pick: Falcons

Saints at Cowboys





Another easy one!

My Pick: Saints

Patriots at Chiefs





And another easy one to close it out

My Pick: Patriots

Stay classy everyone! Broncos, Bengals, Browns, Cardinals, Seahawks, and Rams all have byes.


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