Texans/Colts Keys to Victory

I apologize again for not posting the Seahawks/Redskins preview, but come now did you really think the Skins would actually win this one. I think what I will do now is post NFL content every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday; while college football stuff gets posted on Fridays (or Wednesdays if there is a big game on Thursday Night). Anyways on to Week 5.

Texans at Colts





Houston’s Keys to Victory:

1. Run Foster: Arian Foster was back to his old self, recording well over 100 yards and two touchdowns in an overtime loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t the most reliable quarterback so setting the tone early with the running game will be key if this winds up being a Texans victory.

2. In Watt we trust: J.J. Watt is one of, if not the best defensive lineman in the game right now. He’s going to need to get to Andrew Luck and stop him early and often so that the Colts don’t build any momentum. Which brings me to #3.

3. Stay on the gas pedal: Indianapolis overcame a double digit Texans lead last year to come from behind and win in Houston. They also came back from 24 down in order to beat a strong Kansas City team last year in the playoffs. Houston cannot play conservative late in the game. If they do that’ll be the last mistake they ever make.

Indianapolis’s Keys to Victory:

1. Let Luck loose: As long as Andrew Luck is throwing the football this Colts team should be just fine. They’ve established some momentum with three straight wins after an 0-2 start, and it should be 4-2 after tonight.

2. Double-Team Watt: Jadeveon Clowney is still out with an MCL sprain so the offensive line will definitely need to focus on protecting Luck and not giving anything to Watt. He is definitely the impact player on defense the Colts want to avoid.

3. Force Houston into mistakes: It’ll be easier said than done with Foster running the ball, but if they can stop him than it’ll mean that Fitzpatrick will have to throw it (and my fantasy team loses points). The Texans didn’t have the most reliable quarterback play last season so don’t be surprised if a pass or two gets picked off. If Indianapolis wins the turnover battle than this can get chalked up as a win.

My Pick: If this goes into OT I think the Texans will win, but in all honesty I say the Colts win this one in regulation off a last second field goal. Here’s the rest of Week 6 leading up to Sunday Night.

Broncos over Jets

Seahawks over Cowboys

Patriots over Bills

Browns over Steelers

Bengals over Panthers

Bears over Falcons

Cardinals over Redskins

Ravens over Buccaneers

Chargers over Raiders

Titans over Jaguars

Packers over Dolphins

Lions over Vikings

Saints and Chiefs both have byes this week.

Stay Classy Everyone! I’m 46-30 this year!


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