NBA Roundup #1

Welcome to the first NBA Roundup for the 2014-2015 NBA season. It’s time to tackle a few key topics during the opening games of this NBA season.

1. Cleveland’s Slow Start

A lot of the experts, me included, predicted for the NBA’s Eastern Conference to be a two-horse race between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Chicago Bulls. Also, oddsmakers installed the Cavs as the clear cut favorite to take home the 2014-2015 NBA Title at the beginning of the season.

Flash forward a few weeks and the Cavs are sitting at 5-5 and at sixth place in the Eastern Conference. The Heat, Bucks, Bulls, Wizards and Raptors respectively sit at places 5-1 in the conference standings.

If you would’ve told me the Toronto Raptors and the Washington Wizards would be sitting at the 1-2 spot in the East I would’ve told you to get your head examined. It could be chemistry issues, but Cleveland does play at Washington tonight and they need to get this mess sorted out.

2. Just how good is the Southwest Division

Memphis 10 2 .833 – 6-0 4-2 2-0 7-0 97.9 91.8 +6.1 Lost 1 8-2
Dallas 9 3 .750 1 5-1 4-2 1-1 5-2 108.9 98.5 +10.4 Won 5 8-2
Houston 9 3 .750 1 3-2 6-1 1-1 5-3 97.3 92.2 +5.2 Lost 2 7-3
San Antonio 7 4 .636 2 ½ 3-1 4-3 1-2 4-4 94.7 91.6 +3.1 Won 2 6-4
New Orleans 6 4 .600 3 4-1 2-3 1-2 4-3 104.4 98.9 +5.5 Won 1 6-4

That division is so stacked that the San Antonio Spurs sit at second to last place, and only a half-game ahead of the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Memphis Grizzlies also hold the best record in the NBA at 10-2, just a half-game ahead of the Toronto Raptors. All five of those teams would make the playoffs if the season were to end today. It just goes to show just how much more competitive the Western Conference is. You go 60-32 and get a 4th seed if you’re lucky.

3. Life without LeBron is going OK

Chris Bosh was named the NBA’s Eastern Conference Player of the Week in Week 1 of the NBA season. The Heat sit at 6-6 and are missing Dwayne Wade, but in the Eastern Conference you can go without a star player for a while and still be a contender. (In my opinion you could have a losing record and get a 5 seed in this conference).

All in all life is going ok without LeBron. It should be interested when the Cavaliers visit the Heat on Christmas Day. Expect a mix of cheers, boos, and both.

4. Just how bad are the 76ers

I was listening to ESPN 710 AM last night when I was driving home from UPS and a pizza chain in Philadelphia was offering a 50% discount to customers the night the Philadelphia 76ers win their first game. Then the conditions were changed to the next time the 76ers score 90 points in a loss.

This sparked a lot of talk about who would win between the Sixers and the #1 ranked Kentucky Wildcats. I pick the Wildcats, but only their 2012 team.

5. Will the Thunder miss the Playoffs?

Much to the satisfaction of Seattleites everywhere, the Thunder sit at 3-10 and at last place in the West. This is due no doubt to the injuries sustained to Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, but regardless it’s time to pull this out.

Stay Classy Everyone, and let me know what you thought about this first post.