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Due to some circumstances I was unable to post content for college football and the NFL this week. Instead I will post what went right and wrong, as well as what my picks for Week 14 will be. As for college I will post a preview for certain conference title games, and what to watch for in each one. Stay Tuned.

What went Right (NFL Week 13):

Seahawks over 49ers
Lions over Bears
Eagles over Cowboys
Colts over Redskins
Texans over Titans
Bengals over Buccaneers
Rams over Raiders
Vikings over Panthers
Dolphins over Jets
Broncos over Chiefs

What went wrong (NFL Week 13):

Ravens over Chargers
Browns over Bills
Giants over Jaguars
Steelers over Saints
Patriots over Packers
Cardinals over Falcons

This makes me 125-67-1 on the year.

NFL Week 14 Picks:

Cowboys over Bears
Seahawks over Eagles
Vikings over Jets
Bengals over Steelers
Rams over Redskins
Giants over Titans
Saints over Panthers
Ravens over Dolphins
Colts over Browns
Texans over Jaguars
Lions over Buccaneers
Broncos over Bills
Chiefs over Cardinals
49ers over Raiders
Patriots over Chargers
Packers over Falcons

What went Right (College Football Week 14):

#14 Wisconsin over #18 Minnesota
#1 Alabama over #15 Auburn

What went Wrong (College Football Week 14):

#13 Arizona State over #11 Arizona
#4 Mississippi State over #19 Ole Miss
#9 Georgia over #16 Georgia Tech

This makes me 26-25 on the year.

I will be putting more effort into the conference title games this week and less into the NFL. By tonight when I get home from UPS I will have something posted on the upcoming PAC-12 Title game between Arizona and Oregon tomorrow. Then tomorrow I will post on the ACC, Big Ten, SEC, and the game coming up between #6 Baylor and #9 Kansas State. Should be a good one.

Stay Classy Everyone!


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  1. Changed my mind, will post everything as a review once all the big games are done. Sorry everyone!