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Conference Championship Review

Sorry this took so long everyone. Now it’s on to the review of last weekend’s big games (stupid internet).

Pac-12 Championship

Oregon versus Arizona

What I Thought was Going to Happen: It was going to be a close one and Oregon was going to win but barely.

What Actually Happened: Oregon blew out Arizona en-route to its first PAC-12 Title since 2011.

What this Means for the Playoff: Oregon stays in the #2 spot and will be playing #3 Florida State on January 1st. No surprise here, win and you’re in.

Big Ten Championship

Ohio State versus Wisconsin

What I Thought was Going to Happen: Melvin Gordon was going to have a huge game, and as a result of Ohio State being down to their third string quarterback, the Badgers would win easily.

What Actually Happened: I was as DEAD WRONG as I could be about this one. Ohio State blew out Wisconsin 58-0 to clinch their first Big Ten title since 2010.

What this Means for the Playoff: Ohio State’s blowout win was enough to convince the committee to put them in the playoff. As a result they jump TCU and move up to #4 to play #1 Alabama on January 1st.

ACC Championship

Florida State versus Georgia Tech

What I Thought was Going to Happen: Florida State’s luck was going to run out and they were going to lose to Georgia Tech in the ACC Title. As a result they would lose their spot in the playoff.

What Actually Happened: Florida State just kept on winning. They won 37-35 to clinch their third straight ACC Title.

What this Means for the Playoff: Being an undefeated definitely helped Florida State move up to #3. They play #2 Oregon on January 1st and that should make for a great game. As a result of winning, TCU and Baylor were left on the outside looking in.

Baylor versus Kansas State

What I Thought was Going to Happen: This wasn’t a championship game, but if Baylor lost, TCU was going to be the outright Big 12 champion. I thought that Kansas State would win in a close one and that TCU would keep its spot in the playoff.

What Actually Happened: Baylor won quite handily, and as a result they won their second straight Big 12 title (making them co-champions with TCU).

What this Means for the Playoff: TCU was dropped from #3 to #6. Baylor as a result of their victory moved up one spot to #5. This raises a question about if the Big 12 needs a conference title game to make the case for the future playoff system. All playoff participants this year won a conference championship game.

SEC Championship

Alabama versus Missouri

What I Thought was going to Happen: Alabama was going to blow out Missouri.

What Actually Happened: Alabama blew out Missouri.

What this Means for the Playoff: As a result of this dominating win Alabama stays at #1. They will play #4 ranked Ohio State on January 1st.

As a result I am 28-28 on the year for college football. Let’s see if I can do better during the playoff.

I will post an NBA article sometime this week, as well as a Rams/Cardinals preview tomorrow.

Stay Classy Everyone!


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