Denver’s Loss makes for an Interesting Week 17

Thanks to four Peyton Manning interceptions a Broncos loss makes Sunday’s game against Oakland a must-win.

With the Bengals upset win over the Broncos I am 157-82-1 on the year.  You probably guessed this but I predicted the Broncos to win like the rest of America, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.  Anyways onto the Week 17 action.

1.  Seahawks at Rams:  The Seahawks have to win this one and the Packers/Lions game can’t end in a tie in order for Seattle to clinch home-field for the second straight year.  Seems very doable, Seattle has only lost at home to a Dallas squad which surprisingly has won every game on the road.  Also when was the last time Detroit won in Green Bay…

2.  Panthers at Falcons:  It would’ve been surprisingly ironic if the Saints had of won the division and Seattle as a wild card traveled to them in a complete reversal of the 2010 season (the Saints also would have had a losing record too).  The winner of this game takes the division and a losing record to boot.  I think the NFL will reconsider the possibly of having more playoff teams with this stinker of a season.  Falcons win this one and host the Cardinals.

3.  Raiders at Broncos:  Well old man winter is catching up to Peyton Manning.  I think he can beat the Raiders and help Denver get that #2 seed, but watch out, we saw this same Raiders team end Buffalo’s season last week.  Spoiling Denver’s might be a little too tall of a task for them…

4.  Bengals at Steelers:  Well Andy Dalton didn’t look too terrible and if luck holds up, he might have a first round bye.  This is for the AFC North title, and seeing how Le’Veon Bell went off against Cincinnati a few weeks ago, the Bengals might want to shore up their run defense.  As much as Seattleites hate me for this though, Steelers win.  What’s funny is we could see a future Super Bowl rematch between these two teams.  Pittsburgh wins and takes the #3 seed.  The Steelers then lose 102-7 in a Super Bowl rematch with the Seahawks.

5.  Chargers at Chiefs:  This is for the #6 seed in the AFC.  I don’t like San Diego’s odds if winning in Arrowhead, which could make for a very interesting scramble for the AFC’s final playoff spot.  I reward this spot to the Ravens.  They take care of business against Cleveland and leave both Kansas City and Houston out in the cold.

AFC Seeding 

1.  New England Patriots

2.  Denver Broncos

3.  Pittsburgh Steelers

4.  Indianapolis Colts

5.  Cincinnati Bengals

6.  Baltimore Ravens

NFC Seeding

1.  Seattle Seahawks

2.  Green Bay Packers

3.  Dallas Cowboys

4.  Atlanta Falcons

5.  Arizona Cardinals

6.  Detroit Lions

Also here are my other predictions.

Saints over Buccaneers

Cardinals over 49ers

Texans over Jaguars

Colts over Titans

Vikings over Bears

Cowboys over Redskins

Eagles over Giants

Patriots over Bills

Dolphins over Jets

I will be posting an NBA catchup article before LeBron’s return to Miami.  We have a lot of very interesting storylines this early in the season.  I am also down nine in the championship game for my fantasy football league, but I have a good feeling about this upcoming week.  I will be posting something on the New Year’s Six bowls before the anticipated December 31st kickoff for college football.  I will follow up with some NFL Playoff coverage, and we’ll see if my Steelers/Seahawks prediction comes to reality.

With all that being said Happy Holidays everyone, and have a very merry Christmas.


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