NBA Roundup Post #2: LeBron’s Return to Miami and other happenings

This will be the first of many meetings between LeBron’s Cavaliers and Wade’s Heat this season

Welcome to my second NBA post of the season.  I will try to do these things a little more frequently as the season is still young but a lot has happened.  Let’s start by analyzing LeBron’s return to Miami.

1.  Cavaliers come up short in LeBron’s return

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost by a score of 101-91 in LeBron’s first return to Miami since he returned to Cleveland.  The Cavaliers sit at 17-11 and at fifth place in the Eastern Conference.  The record isn’t terrible, the expectations may have been a little too high for this team coming into the season.  Cleveland also lost center Anderson Varejao so they will definitely be in the market for a big man considering how much trouble teams like Chicago and San Antonio can be for this team.  The word is still out on the Cavaliers season.  They are a good team but they have a long ways to go.

2.  Golden State’s hot start

The Golden State Warriors have the best record in the NBA at 23-5 on the season, and they’ve also rattled off a 16 game winning streak to start the season.  Not bad.  Seth Curry and WSU graduate Klay Thompson are lighting up opposing frontcourts like there’s no tomorrow.  We’ll see how long this lasts, the West is loaded.

3.  Rondo is in Dallas!

It’ll take a while for Celtics and Mavericks fans to get used to this

In case you haven’t heard, the Dallas Mavericks made a very key trade to obtain Rajon Rondo from the Boston Celtics.  This scares a lot of other teams in the Western Conference, especially considering how strong the West already was.  Could this become Dallas’s conference to lose, let’s find out.

4.  Lakers better without Kobe?

There seems to be a consensus that the Los Angeles Lakers are a better team without Kobe Bryant.  That remains to be seen, but one things for sure, the future hall of famer, and former MVP and Finals MVP is on his last legs.  Kobe probably won’t get to six rings, and although he did pass Michael Jordan for third on the All-Time scoring list, his career might not end on a positive note.

Stay Classy Everyone, and hope you had a good holiday.  I will be posting an NCAA article on Kentucky soon.  We will find out for sure if anyone can stop them.


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