Updated Fangraphs projections have Nationals, Mariners leading respective leagues

Fangraphs has continued to update their projections for the upcoming season, as transactions continue to be carried out to improve rosters around the league. Several teams have seen their projected wins increase as they’ve added new pieces to their 25-man roster. These teams include the projected League winners the Seattle Mariners and Washington Nationals.

The Nationals are in win now mode after signing Max Scherzer. (Coutresy of PennLive)

The Nationals are in win now mode after signing Max Scherzer. (Coutresy of PennLive)

The Washington Nationals made the biggest splash of the off-season so far when they signed starting pitcher Max Scherzer to a seven-year, $210 million contract on Monday. Scherzer was a key part of the Detriot Tigers starting staff for the last seven years, and one of the more dominating pitchers in the game during that time frame. By signing Scherzer, the Nationals have increased the depth of their starting staff without sacrificing their farm system. That being said, they have tied themselves to several massive contracts over the last couple of seasons and are in win now mode, no matter how deep their farm system is.

As for the team predicted to win the American League, the Seattle Mariners have finally filled the Condor shaped hole in right field with an adequate platoon. Seattle used its pile of relief pitchers to trade for Justin Ruggiano (Cubs) and Seth Smith (Padres) to play out in right field and (hopefully) help fix the team’s inability to hit left-handed pitchers. If the Smith/Ruggiano platoon is used correctly, then the Mariners should be getting about three wins from right field during the 2015 season. Add in the fact that the Mariners have one of the deepest pitching staffs in the league, and it’s easy to see why Seattle is projected to lead the AL with 89-wins.

The Boston Red Sox are projected to be the second best team in the American League, despite an awful 2014 season. Boston’s resurgence in the standings is primarily based around the fact that the club has spent a lot of money on Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval. Then the Red Sox went out and acquired starting pitcher Rick Porcello in a massive trade with the Detroit Tigers. But Boston didn’t stop there, as they have also signed SP Justin Masterson and traded for Wade Miley. Now that Boston has rebuilt its starting staff, the Red Sox are expected to compete for another World Series title this year.

Fangraphs’ projected 2015 MLB standings


Wins-Loss Win Percentage
Washington Nationals 91-71 .561
Los Angeles Dodgers 91-71 .561
Seattle Mariners 89-73 .547
Boston Red Sox 88-74 .545
St. Louis Cardinals 86-76 .533
Pittsburgh Pirates 85-77 .527
Detroit Tigers 85-77 .526
Cleveland Indians 84-78 .521
Oakland Athletics 84-78 .519
Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim 84-78 .517
Chicago Cubs 84-78 .516
Toronto Blue Jays 84-78 .516
San Francisco Giants 83-79 .512
Tampa Bay Rays 83-79 .511
New York Yankees 82-80 .508
Miami Marlins 81-81 .500
Kansas City Royals 81-81 .498
San Diego Padres 79-83 .487
Baltimore Orioles 79-83 .485
Texas Rangers 78-84 .484
New York Mets 78-84 .482
Houston Astros 78-84 .479
Chicago White Sox 77-85 .478
Colorado Rockies 77-85 .475
Milwaukee Brewers 76-86 .468
Cincinnati Reds 76-86 .467
Minnesota Twins 76-86 .466
Arizona Diamondbacks 74-88 .454
Atlanta Braves 71-91 .438
Philadelphia Phillies 68-94


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