Super Bowl XLIX Preview

Well the Super Bowl is almost upon us.  I doubted at times that the Seahawks would return, and that a Patriots team that got blown out by Kansas City in Week Four would be AFC champions, but regardless both are here.  Let’s start with Seattle’s keys to victory.

Three Keys to a Seahawks Victory:

1.  Run Marshawn:  The Seahawks are a team that likes to run the ball down your throats and suffocate you with their defense.  Marshawn Lynch had 157 yards rushing and a touchdown in their come from behind win against Green Bay in the NFC Championship game.  If the Seahawks can get Marshawn going, that could mean a long day for the Patriot defense, and open up opportunities for Russell Wilson to take a few chances down the field even with New England’s vaunted secondary.

2.  Pressure Tom Brady:  One of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history came when the 2007 Giants blitzed Tom Brady and were able to get five sacks against him.  If Seattle is to repeat that success, they need to create pressure and cause Brady to become erratic with the football.  It worked against Manning last year, and it should work against him too.

3.  The 12th man:  I understand this isn’t a home game.  However, during the 2005 season, the Steelers and the Seahawks played in the Super Bowl in Detroit, and the Steelers were able to get more fans there than Seattle was.  Arizona is much closer to Seattle than New England, so there is a very good chance that the 12th man should outnumber the Patriot fans.  This should be a huge advantage in Seattle’s favor, and while I understand fans shouldn’t have as big of an impact, you need to make the exception here.

Three Keys to a Patriots Victory:

1.  Spy on Wilson:  Russell Wilson is a master at play fakes and running the ball when you think he’s going to pass.  The Patriots need to put a spy on Russell Wilson or else what should be a five yard sack could turn into a 20 or 30 yard gain.

2.  Go at Thomas and Sherman:  Both Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman are a little banged up so it would be wise to see just how much so.  Even in an injured state New England should be wary of how strong those two are, but they might be able to set up a key drive early in a game that may help them out in the end.  Just a thought!

3.  Use the X-Factor:  LaGarrette Blount is the X-factor in this game and seeing how he gashed the Colts rushing defense, it would be no surprise to see him used heavily here.  Using Blount to possibly soften up Seattle could open up an opportunity for Brady to pass (notice Seahawks fans I only used the word possibly not will).

My Pick:

With that being said though I’m predicting a 27-24 Seahawks victory.  It could be a blowout like last year, it might not be, but seeing as to how dangeruss, Russell Wilson is, I will have to rule in favor of Seattle.  The Seahawks were able to get a lot of pressure on a pocket quarterback like Manning last year and the rules should apply to Brady too.  Any given Sunday.

By the way, Marshawn Lynch (Beast Mode) is your Super Bowl MVP.

Stay Classy Everyone!