PODCAST: Our interview with SonicsRising author Paul Rogers

SonicsRising author Paul Rogers was kind enough to call into Monday’s broadcast and talk about the Seattle/Tukwila arena situation. We also discussed some recent comments made by NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

Tukwila site

The Tukwila property is located right at the south end of Boeing Field, and right next to an I-5 exit. (Courtesy of SonicsRising)

Tukwila’s apparent emergence as site for an NBA/NHL arena caught pretty much everyone off guard; but when you consider the potential arena site, it does makes sense. The site is a 66 acre plot right at the southern edge of Boeing Field and is easily accessible by I-5 and Highway 99. It also has plenty of space for the development of an entertainment district around the arena. And the owner of the land is local business man David Sabey, a former Sonics minority owner, who purchased the land back in 2007 with the intent of building  arena there and saving the team.

Rogers and I also discussed comments made by Silver that made it seem like the league is 4-5 years away from even discussing expansion. Both Rogers and I thought the commissioner’s comments were a result of his frustration with the lack of progress on the proposed SODO arena.

“Several months ago at SonicsRising we posted a story that said that the NBA, behind the scenes, is considering expansion to Seattle and Louisville, Kentucky, despite what they were saying in public.” Rogers said “And I can tell you that, ya know, we’re still kinda being told that behind the scenes that, maybe if, when the mayor of Seattle went to New York maybe if he had better news on the arena, front he would have heard a different tone.”

You can listen to the full interview below.


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