NBA Roundup Post #3: The Playoff Picture Gets Clearer (Part Two)

Sorry about cutting that off, I’ve had a few formatting problems and I’m not quite sure how to fix them.  Anyways continuing with the chart I showed towards the end of my last article, the #10 team in the Western Conference (the Phoenix Suns at 33-31) has a better record than the #7 seeded Indiana Pacers and the #8 seeded Miami Heat in the East.  Adam Silver has talked about doing a 16 team playoff where both teams from the Eastern and Western Conference are grouped together based on record, but that might take a year or two to implement.  Considering how bad basketball in the East has been, it’s better late than never.

4.  Interesting Playoff Matchups

We could potentially be seeing a playoff matchup between the #1 seeded Golden State Warriors and the #8 seeded Oklahoma City Thunder (who are anything but an 8 seed).  That means we have potential shootouts between Kevin Durant and Seth Curry as well as Russell Westbrook and Klay Thompson.  #3 Houston and #6 San Antonio is a classic Texas rivalry, #4 Chicago and #5 Washington is a rematch from last-year’s playoffs, and we have a great one potentially between #4 Portland and #5 Los Angeles (Clippers not Lakers).  Which brings me to an interesting 5th question.

5.  Will Kobe retire


I will be honest with you, I really don’t like Kobe Bryant.  But all hatred aside, I really think it’s time for him to go.  He’s old and all those ACL injuries are taking a toll on him.  Derrick Rose also hurt his knee again, but he actually has a chance to return to the Chicago Bulls lineup in the postseason and be somewhat of a contributor (hopefully along with Jimmy Butler too).  Kobe is just sitting there taking up cap space and earning none of the 48.5 million over two years he was signed for.  If I’m Los Angeles, I release him after this offseason and start over.  It’s time for the franchise to move on.  He was a great player and basketball will miss him.

Hope you enjoyed this update, stay classy everyone.