Mariner Diaries #1: Will Ferrell a Mariner?

Nelson Cruz homers in the first of what hopes to be many during the 2015 season.

Welcome to the very first segment of a special I call the “Mariner Diaries”.  It essentially follows the highs and lows of being a Seattle Mariners fan as well as the hilarity that follows along the way.

I started off the 2015 Spring Training campaign by packing up to housesit for my aunt and uncle in Renton.  As I was watching the charity game between the Mariners and the San Diego Padres I was witnessing our very first home run.  A solo shot by D.J. Peterson in the first inning.  This kid could be good for us.  As I’m heading over to the house I turn on 710 ESPN and find out that Ji-Man Choi broke his right ankle in the ninth inning.  Ouch, even if we do get a win it doesn’t mean anything if one of your prospects is out for the season (I also realize these games don’t count either).  As I’m heading down 405 I hear the Mariners score the winning run in the 10th inning to get a 4-3 victory.  Not a bad start to the spring.

Unfortunately I miss Nelson Cruz’s first home run as I’m unpacking the very next day.  I am ecstatic though to see a 9-4 Mariners win.  I also unfortunately find out that Choi is going to be out for 4-6 months.  Oh well, easy come easy go.

I listen to a podcast on the Heavy Hitter Network about how he thinks the Boston Red Sox are going to do (he’s a Sox fan as well).  He predicts a second place finish with them inching just a few games behind of the Baltimore Orioles.  Funny, I have Boston doing a whole lot better than that this year.

As I’m getting back from LA Fitness after an intense leg workout, I see the Mariners are holding onto a slim 4-3 lead over the Dodgers.  I go back to turn on the television and…SEE NO GAME!  Oh well I guess ROOT can’t air all of the preseason stuff.  The Mariners lose by a score of 7-4.

Will Ferrell was a player for ten MLB teams during this year’s Spring Training. One of them was the Oakland Athletics.

This is no joke, Will Ferrell actually player baseball for ten teams during spring training.  He even was able to take over Mike Trout’s spot with the Anaheim Angels.  Crazier things have happened I suppose.  Unfortunately the Mariners were on the losing end of this one as the A’s won by a score of 4-3.

The M’s so far are 8-7 in spring training.  I haven’t watched a whole ton of the action because it’s NCAA basketball season, but they look to be a team with a bright future.  I will post another article at the end of spring training, and will make sure to send something periodically to everyone.

Stay Classy Everyone!

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