PODCAST: The Front Office’s Matthew Zimmer discusses the NBA Finals

We recently recorded a podcast with the Front Office‘s Matthew Zimmer to discuss the NBA Finals. Our discussion focused around the impressive performance of Cleveland’s LeBron James performance during the finals, did Andre Igoudala really deserve the MVP, and the insane contract situation that the Portland Trailblazers have ended up in.

The NBA has to be thrilled about how the NBA Finals turned out, all six of the games were incredibly entertaining and showcased one of the league’s future superstars, Steph Curry, against “the best player in the world“. James looked like he was the best player in the world throughout the finals as he averaged a double-double in all six games — he also recorded two triple doubles during the series. It was an insane performance that definitely deserved a Finals MVP…but instead it went to a different player that also deserved the award, Igoudala.

Matthew and I also briefly discussed the Trailblazers horrid contract situation, eight of the team’s 15 players have expired contracts, and how that could impact the franchise’s title hopes going forward.

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