PODCAST: Dusbsism’s Jonathan Werner discusses the MLB All-Star game, and NHL expansion

I sat down with Dubsism‘s Jonathan Werner to discuss the MLB All-Star game — its issues, and voting controversy — as well as what he thinks about the NHL officially exploring expansion in our latest podcast.

As he noted during the nearly hour-long podcast, Werner has been in favor of relocating struggling franchises that haven’t (for whatever reason) really been able to draw fans in their market. He did a great piece on his site that lays out his reasoning behind this thought process.

For me, I’m pretty much against relocating franchises until there is definitive proof that there is absolutely no way that team is going to be able to work in its existing market. Especially if there is a damn good reason that fans have stopped showing up to games — like building the team an arena in a traffic filled suburb — or an owner that has sabotaged the roster in order to make it look like the fans aren’t interested.

Thanks for listening!

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