The 2015 National League fWAR All-Star team

While the story that’s been dominating the American League’s all-star voting has been the dominance of Kansas City fans, the story in the National League has been the fact that star right fielder Giancarlo Stanton will be unable to participate.

Giancarlo Stanton has been killing it in 2015, bu he is hurt again. (Courtesy of USA Today)

Giancarlo Stanton has been killing it in 2015, bu he is hurt again. (Courtesy of USA Today)

Stanton has broken the hamate bone in his left wrist and will be out for four to six-week. This type of injury has historically sapped MLB players of their power during the recovery period, which means the slugger isn’t going to be able to do what he does best. The loss of Stanton is a death-blow to any hopes the Marlins had of getting anywhere near .500 in 2015, let a lone a playoff berth. But it’s also an extremely disappointing and sad thing for baseball fans because he is really good at hitting baseballs a very long ways; and we won’t get to see him do that in the Home Run Derby on July 13th.

One of his more famous home runs is this one that absolutely crushed at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles, Calif.

Without Stanton, the NL All-Star roster is going to look really different from it has the past couple of seasons. And that’s a damn shame. Especially with our fWAR All-Star roster, which has Stanton as the top outfielder.

The top two first, second, and third basemen, along with the top two shortstops and designated; six outfielders, starting, and relief pitchers made our roster. Also included is a small sample of the player’s performance during the 2015 season: for qualified — more than 200 plate apperances — batters it’s their BA/OBP/SLG, for qualified pitchers — more than 25 innings pitched — its their ERA/FIP/xFIP.

Position players

Player Name Team AVG/OBP/SLG fWAR


Buster Posey San Francisco Giants .292/.369/.465 2.5
Derek Norris San Diego Padres .246/.294/.429 1.7

First base

Paul Goldschmidt Arizona Diamondbacks .352/.470/.648 4.3
Anthony Rizzo Chicago Cubs .307/.417/.577 3.2

Second base

Dee Gordon Miami Marlins .356/.376/.424 3.2
Joe Panik San Francisco .316/.386/.471 3.0


Brandon Crawford San Francisco Giants .275/.353/.467 2.6
Jhonny Peralta St. Louis Cardinals .300/.358/.485 1.8

Third base

Todd Frazier Cincinnati Reds .293/.358/.629 4.0
Nolan Arenado Colorado Rockies .290/.324/.614 3.1


Bryce Harper Washington Nationals .340/.466/.719 5.1
Joc Pederson Los Angeles Dodgers .249/.391/.539 3.6
Giancarlo Stanton* Miami Marlins .265/.346/.606 3.5
AJ Pollock Arizona Diamondbacks .304/.348/.468 2.9
Andrew McCutchen Pittsburgh Pirates .295/.382/.490 2.7
Charlie Blackmon Colorado Rockies .277/.351/.439 2.2

*According to fWAR, Stanton’s replacement should be the San Francisco Giants’ Nori Aoki. Aoki has been worth 1.9 wins while hitting .317/.383/.385 for the Giants. He hasn’t brought a hole lot of power to the Bay Area, but he has been an extremely valuable asset to San Francisco throughout the first half of the 2015 season.


Player Name Team ERA/FIP/xFIP fWAR

Starting pitcher

Max Scherzer Washington Nationals 1.79/2.04/2.83 4.2
Jacob deGrom New York Mets 2.15/2.62/2.94 2.8
Clayton Kershaw Los Angeles Dodgers 3.33/2.76/2.18 2.5
AJ Burnett Pittsburgh Pirates 2.01/2.64/3.18 2.5
Jake Arrieta Chicago Cubs 2.94/2.83/2.81 2.5
Zack Greinke Los Angeles Dodgers 1.70/2.92/3.30 2.0

Relief pitcher

Aroldis Chapman Cincinnati Reds 1.95/1.99/2.97 1.2
AJ Ramos Miami Marin 1.34/1.98/2.84 1.0
Drew Storen Washington Nationals 2.17/1.90/2.70 1.0
Trevor Rosenthal St. Louis Cardinals 0.54/2.39/3.34 1.0
Sergio Romo San Francisco Giants 4.18/1.58/2.10 0.9
Jason Grilli Atlanta Braves 2.93/2.49/3.37 0.8

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