Mariner Diaries #3: It’s Finally Over!

Jack Zduriencik’s head finally made it to the chopping block.

The Seattle Mariners still have to make a new search for a general manager, but it’s great knowing that we’ve told the old one to hit the road.   

Granted there have been some bright spots in the 2015 Seattle Mariners Season, none more so than Nelson Cruz with his MLB-Leading 39 Home Runs.  It was also nice to see Hisashi Iwakuma’s no-hitter as well.  This season has been marred in frustration though as the local baseball team sits at ten games below .500 with a 59-69 record.  Not the start I expected for a team many figured to be a World Series contender.

The expectations entirely may have been too high too.  I made the mistake of predicting they’d win the World Series and may have doomed us all.  At least I didn’t cost the team millions of dollars and only get them two winning seasons since 2008.

I understand full well that this is a slightly pessimistic article.  Being a Mariners fan is like being a Cubs fan, except instead of being a fan of a playoff contending team you are a fan of a team that you hope to be a playoff contender.  The only difference is the Cubs were around way before 1900 (they were established in 1876), and the Mariners were established in 1977.  Almost exactly 100 years later.

Western Division W-L PCT GB L10 STRK



71-57 0.555 0 7-3 W2



65-61 0.516 5 6-4 W1



65-62 0.512 5.5 5-5 W1



59-69 0.461 12 4-6 L1



55-73 0.43 16 4-6 L2

The Mariners probably won’t catch the Astros in the standings as they are 12 games back.  They probably won’t get a wild card spot either because they only have about a 1% chance to get one.

Let’s hope that for 2016 that chance is greater and we don’t doom ourselves from the start.


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