Rams defensive front seven, Bevell beat Seahawks 34-31

A poorly timed onside kick, plus some well-timed throws by Nick Foles, handed the Seahawks a 31-34 loss between to the Rams in St. Louis, Miz.

An incredibly stupid decision to onside kick it at the start of overtime gave St. Louis the ball on the Seahawks 49-yard line. St. Louis offense drove right down to field goal range with some well thrown passes to the sidelines that tested Seattle’s secondary. A well time blitz screwed up Foles timing on a third down play and he was forced to throw the ball away; the Rams took a 34-31 lead on a 37-yard field goal.

Lance Kendricks' touchdown sent the game to overtime.

Lance Kendricks’ touchdown sent the game to overtime.

St. Louis tied the game with a minute when Dion Bailey blew his assignment, leaving nothing but green between Lance Kendricks and the end zone. Foles put the ball right in Kendricks lap for the game tying touchdown.

Seattle did nothing with its ensuing the possession which sent the game to overtime.

Cary Williams sacked Foles and recovered the fumble that he generated to give the Seahawks a late lead over St. Louis. Defensive coordinator Kris Richard sent everything but the kitchen sink at Foles, the Hawks forced the fumble as he tried to throw the ball and Williams was right there for the scoop-and-score.

Williams had struggled to adapt to the Rams play-calls throughout the second half, and left his man open on a couple of occasions, he followed through on his assignment and was in the right place at the right time when Foles fumbled.

It was the second fumble (officially) recorded by Foles, and the most costly. His first fumble came after a botched snap that had the

Richard’s defensive game plan was solid in his first game as the Hawks held St. Louis to three yards per carry. While St. Louis had a good game through the air (11.4 yards per catch), Foles was consistently being harassed throughout the game and didn’t have a lot of time to work through his progressions┬áHis defense also forced three fumbles to get the ball back into the hands of its offense.

The Seahawks were driving down to the field, when Wilson found Jermaine Kearse on an island in the end zone. St. Louis’ defender held onto Kearse’s jersey to slow him down, and push him out-of-bounds, but no penalty was called as the wideout caught the ball out-of-bounds.

Steven Hauschka hit the 35-yard field goal to tie the score at 24.

Darrell Bevell continued to show his ineptitude throughout the game as he called slow-developing-play after slow-developing-play against the experienced Rams front seven. Before Jimmy Graham’s touchdown in the third quarter (for example), Bevell dialed-up a play that had Luke Willson in the back of the end zone; before the tight end had broken to the corner, the pocket had collapsed around Wilson and he was forced to scramble from the pocket and throw a bad pass low and away…that way only person (Willson) would be able to catch it.

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