An ode to Adrian Beltre

The Texas Rangers have signed the 37-year-old third basemen to a two year contract extension. Now enjoy some .gifs.


On Saturday, the Texas Rangers announced that the franchise had agreed to a two-year extension with the 37-year-old third basemen. Adrian Beltre will be in Arlington for his age 38 and 39 seasons, Texas is hoping that he continues to remain productive and entertaining throuhgout the deal.

Since his first season in Arlington in 2011, Beltre has been extremely consistent. The third basemen has been worth 5.5 (2011), 6.5 (2012), 5 (2013), 5.7 (2014), and 4.6 (2015) wins; and he’s already been worth 0.4 wins in 54 plate appearances this season. He has been consistently good, despite being on the wrong side of the aging curve; and he’s done it doing crap like this.


Courtesy of The Big Lead

Or this.

And this.


Courtesy of Lone Star Ball

No one knows what happened in the .gif below.


Courtesy of Shaggy Texas

Just make sure you don’t rub his head.


Courtesy of Sportsnaut

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