Week 2 Primetime Preview

I am going to be previewing tonight’s game on Sunday Night Football between the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings.  Following that will be the Monday Night one in between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Chicago Bears.  Let us begin.

5:30 PM PT NBC GB -2.0


(1-0, 1-0 away)



(1-0, 0-0 Home)

How Green Bay Wins:  The key to Green Bay winning football games is always going to be Aaron Rodgers throwing the football.  With that being said though they also need to have a balanced rushing attack with Eddie Lacy.  Lacy didn’t have a bad game last week in a win over the Jaguars, but he definitely needs to show up in this one.

How Minnesota Wins:  Obviously they don’t have Aaron Rodgers at quarterback, but they have a good wide receiver in Stefon Diggs, and a defense that isn’t half-bad either.  Adrian Peterson needs to have a much better game than he had last week, with 19 carries for only 31 yards.  In short, play a complete game.

The Bottom Line:  I should be giving the Vikings more of a chance in this one, but I don’t think their offense will be able to keep pace with Green Bay.  Sam Bradford is a game-manager quarterback at best when he plays, so don’t expect a big offensive explosion from him.  Packers win by at least 7.

5:30 PM PT ESPN CHI -3.0


(1-0, 0-0 away)



(0-1, 0-0 Home)

How Philadelphia Wins:  Carson Wentz slings it and plays mistake free football like last week.  Ryan Matthews also played pretty well, and it’s always good having someone to hand the ball off to.  It also helps that Chip Kelly isn’t ruining this team anymore.

How Chicago Wins:  Jay Cutler does not make mistakes.  It comes down to that guy every time.  As long as he doesn’t throw a stupid interception or fumble it in the end zone, the Bears have more than a chance in this one.

The Bottom Line:  As you can tell from this post, I do not like Jay Cutler.  I do like Carson Wentz though and I think that he has a great chance to make a strong statement in front of a national audience.  Cutler embarrasses himself again, Eagles win.

I went 1-3 in my college football picks this weekend, bringing my record to 5-3 on the year.  A lot of upsets yesterday especially with #10 Louisville running up the score on #2 Florida State.

As for the NFL, as horrible as the Seahawks game was, I am 8-6 this week.  That brings my record to 17-13.  Stay classy everyone, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.