NCAA Football

Week 7 College Football Preview

I am 12-8 so far on the young college football season.  Looking to improve off that record, let’s start with a Top-10 matchup between two SEC teams.

12:30 PM PT CBS ALA -14.0

1 Alabama

(6-0, 3-0 SEC)


9 Tennessee

(5-1, 2-1 SEC)

How Alabama Wins:  Run the ball with Damien Harris, play great defense, and get the ball on one-on-one’s to Calvin Ridley.  I know it’s a cut and dry formula that I copy and paste week to week for this team, but it has worked thus far.  Also don’t underestimate your opponent or you may have another Ole Miss situation on your hands.

How Tennessee Wins:  For the love of God play a full game of football.  You lost to Texas A&M in Double Overtime last week because you didn’t put a full game together.  Get off to a good start in front of a great home crowd, and don’t look back.  Quarterback Joshua Dobbs has the talent to pull off the upset, now he must show the consistency.

The Bottom Line:  I have had no reasons to doubt Alabama this season.  I have a litany of reasons to doubt Tennessee.  I am rolling with the tide.

4:00 PM PT ESPN MISS -7.5

12 Ole Miss

(3-2, 1-1 SEC)


22 Arkansas

(4-2, 0-2 SEC)

How Ole Miss Wins:  Chad Kelly in my opinion (nephew of Jim Kelly by the way), is the best quarterback in the SEC.  You don’t beat Alabama twice (and almost a third time) by accident.  As long as he doesn’t throw any interceptions and gets the ball to key receivers like Evan Engram, than he’ll improve off his 13/4 TD-INT ratio and 1596 passing yards.

How Arkansas Wins:  Balanced attack.  Austin Allen and Rawleigh Williams III need to step it up big time especially after a major loss to Alabama last week.  Ole Miss has a decent defense, but in the Rebels two losses they were exposed big time for a lot of yardage.  The Razorbacks need to play mistake-free football and not give Chad Kelly any extra chances in this one.

The Bottom Line:  I know I have talked about Chad Kelly a lot, but from a talent perspective Ole Miss is just that much better.  Look for the Rebels to move further up in the rankings and prove to be the best two-loss team in college football.

5:00 PM PT ABC OSU -10.5

2 Ohio State

(5-0, 2-0 Big Ten)


8 Wisconsin

(4-1, 1-1 Big Ten)

How Ohio State Wins:  First off, DO NOT UNDERESTINATE WISCONSIN!  There’s a reason they got two Top-10 wins early in the year.  Throw the ball with J.T. Barrett, run it with Mike Weber, and force Wisconsin quarterback Bart Houston to throw the ball to make them one-dimensional.  You cannot afford to let the Badgers run all over you.

How Wisconsin Wins:  Do what got you here, run the ball and play good defense.  Tailback Corey Clement needs to have a big game to take pressure off of his quarterback Bart Houston.  Ohio State doesn’t have a Jabrill Peppers type of defensive player that can pressure like Michigan can, so look for them to make big plays against the Buckeyes defense.

The Bottom Line:  I hate Ohio State, and I want to give the win to Wisconsin, but the Buckeyes just have too much talent on offense for the Badgers to keep up.  OSU gets another win and keeps pace with Michigan for their November 26th showdown.

Have a fun and safe weekend everyone!