Jaguars/Titans Preview

I seriously can’t wait to get home and not watch this game.  Seriously who scheduled this?!  Anyways onto the Week 8 action.

5:25 PM PT NFL TEN -3.0


(2-4, 1-1 away)



(3-4, 1-3 Home)

How Jacksonville Wins:  NFL Network released a funny stat yesterday.  The Jaguars have only two road wins since 2014, and the Titans have only three home wins since then.  What it comes down to is how Blake Bortles plays.  I want to believe in this guy, and he can make some brilliant plays, but he cannot turn the ball over.  Shutting down DeMarco Murray is also a must here as well.

How Tennessee Wins:  Marcus Mariota isn’t mature enough to win a game all by himself, and we all know Delanie Walker is his only reliable receiving option.  This is where DeMarco Murray is so great.  He’s been a nice surprise for the Titans (and an even better surprise if you have him in fantasy football).  As long as he has a good game the Titans should be ok in this one.

The Bottom Line:  We all know Jacksonville can’t run the ball very well (their leading rusher (T.J. Yeldon has only 200 yards on the season).  Which means Blake Bortles will force some balls that he shouldn’t.  The Titans may not have better skill position players, but they have more balance on offense so they should be able to take this one.

I am 62-44-1 on the year.  Let’s hope this week is a little better.

Cardinals over Panthers

Seahawks over Saints

Broncos over Chargers

Raiders over Buccaneers

Chiefs over Colts

Falcons over Packers

Lions over Texans

Bengals over Redskins

Jets over Browns

Patriots over Bills

The Dolphins, Ravens, Steelers, Giants, Rams and 49ers all have byes this week.  Have a good weekend everyone!