NFL Primetime Week 9 Recap

I made the right call for both of my primetime picks this Sunday, so this shouldn’t be too difficult to write.

Final 1 2 3 4 T


(6-3, 2-2 away)


0 10 0 10 20


(7-2, 2-2 Home)


6 14 0 10 30

What I Thought was going to Happen:  The Raiders were going to come away with a key AFC West victory, and Derek Carr was going to strengthen his case for NFL MVP.

What Actually Happened:  Just that, surprisingly Oakland had over 200 rushing yards on the night, and that shows this team can get it done through the air and on the ground.  Denver once again has questions at the quarterback position.  Questions I don’t see an answer to anytime soon.  The division is Oakland’s to lose.

Final 1 2 3 4 T


(4-5, 2-3 away)


14 3 0 8 25


(5-2-1, 4-0 Home)


7 21 0 3 31

What I Thought was going to Happen:  The Seahawks were going to score an easy victory, and score a key step in claiming the NFC West division title.

What Actually Happened:  Thankfully the victory did happen, easy though it was not.  There are a lot of questions about this offensive line, and the defense did give up a lot of third down plays.  With that being said don’t sleep on this Bills team.  They are better than their 4-5 record indicates.

I am 79-52-2 on the year.  What a start, let’s keep this up.