Browns/Ravens Preview

Here is a quick Thursday Night Football preview between the Cleveland Browns and the Baltimore Ravens.

5:25 PM PT NFL BAL -7.5


(0-9, 0-5 away)



(4-4, 2-2 Home)

How Cleveland Wins:  A meteor strikes the Ravens locker room with all their coaching staff, players, and other personnel inside.  Seriously this is the only way an 0-9 team wins in Week 10.

How Baltimore Wins:  They play the same way they did against Pittsburgh last week, and Joe Flacco continues to play great football.  Also not being inside the locker room when a meteor hits it would help as well.

The Bottom Line:  The Verdict is already given, Browns fall to 0-10 and the Ravens keep pace in a bizarre AFC North.

Here are the rest of the Week 10 predictions, minus the Sunday Night and Monday Night games.  Bills, Lions, Colts, and Raiders all have byes.

Packers over Titans

Buccaneers over Bears

Redskins over Vikings 

Cowboys over Steelers

Cardinals over 49ers

Jets over Rams

Chargers over Dolphins

Panthers over Chiefs

Texans over Jaguars

Falcons over Eagles

Saints over Broncos