College Football Week 11 Preview

Here is my preview of Week 11 of the College Football Season.  Let’s start with an SEC West matchup between the LSU Tigers and the Arkansas Razorbacks.

4:00 PM PT ESPN LSU -6.5

24 LSU

(5-3, 3-2 SEC)


25 Arkansas

(6-3, 2-3 SEC)

How LSU Wins:  Run the ball with Leonard Fournette and play good defense.  If the Tigers put in half the effort they did in what potentially may have been the best effort against the Crimson Tide last week, than they should be golden here.  They can’t rely on their quarterback in this situation, at best he can only be a game manager.

How Arkansas Wins:  Balanced attack.  Austin Allen is a pretty good quarterback, and he has a great running back to hand it off to in Rawleigh Williams III.  The Hogs fans are pretty wild too, so playing this matchup in Fayetteville will definitely help the Razorbacks.

The Bottom Line:  I’m not overthinking this.  Arkansas has yet to have a signature win and they have consistently folded against top competition.  I give this to the Tigers who improve to third in a tough SEC West.

4:30 PM PT FOX WASH -7.5

20 USC

(6-3, 5-2 Pac-12)


4 Washington

(9-0, 6-0 Pac-12)

How USC Wins:  The Trojans continue their positive momentum over the last month and limit the Husky offense.  As long as they are able to limit the amount of big plays Jake Browning and the Husky offense can make in this one, than USC will have a chance.  This goes without saying but don’t give the crowd a reason to get going.  College Gameday is already at Husky Stadium, you don’t want to give the Husky faithful any additional reasons to get rowdy.

How Washington Wins:  Jake Browning continues his loathing, but still very impressive touchdown to interception ratio (hey I can hate the guy and say he’s a good player OK).  This Washington offense averages almost 500 yards of total offense per game.  If they get off to a fast start early than there is no looking back.  They have been tested on multiple occasions already.  USC will prove no challenge.

The Bottom Line:  I have gotten burned multiple times picking against Washington because I’m a Coug and I hate UW.  You can only make the same mistakes so many times before you realize that this team may be pretty good.  I cringe when I say this, but I’m picking the Huskies (and probably never will again this year).

I am 16-15 on the year.  Hopefully this weekend is a little better since I went 0-2 last week.