Week 12 NFL Primetime Preview

Let’s start with a preview of the Sunday Night game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos.

5:30 PM PT NBC DEN -3.5


(7-3, 3-2 away)



(7-3, 4-1 Home)

How Kansas City Wins:  The Chiefs lost last week because of turnovers and a defense that was missing cornerback Marcus Peters.  As long as Alex Smith doesn’t try to do too much, and Kansas City is able to get pressure on Bronco’s QB Trevor Siemian, the Chiefs will win this game.

How Denver Wins:  The Broncos need to play good defense and Special Teams like in New Orleans two weeks ago.  As long as they take away Travis Kelce from Alex Smith, the Chiefs will be out of passing options and their vanilla offense will sputter.  Don’t do too much at quarterback, find one-on-one’s with Demaryius Thomas and run the ball at will.

The Bottom Line:  I still do not trust Kansas City in these types of games.  I know I stereotype quite often against teams like this, but until we see the Chiefs actually pull something out I will still probably pick the team that has been there before (case in point Denver).

5:30 PM PT ESPN PHI -4.0


(4-6, 1-4 away)



(5-5, 4-0 Home)

How Green Bay Wins:  The real Green Bay Packers show up.  Their defense has been atrocious the last few weeks, and it doesn’t matter how many points Aaron Rodgers puts up, it will continue to cost them games.  Play smooth fundamental football, get after Carson Wentz, and get a win.

How Philadelphia Wins:  The Eagles had a tough game going against Seattle at Century Link Field.  Thankfully they will be at home.  The Packers defense also is as thick as a wet paper bag so take your chances and throw the ball downfield early.  As long as Carson Wentz takes care of the football they should be ok here.

The Bottom Line:  Green Bay will suffer another loss.  They aren’t going to be out of playoff position quite yet, but four straight losses is tough to overcome in today’s NFL.  They just don’t quite have it together in all four phases.  Eagles are a team on the rise, and win convincingly.

Well that’s it, I’m 108-65-2 on the year.  Have a fun rest of your break.