College Football National Championship Preview

Welcome to my final college football post of the 2016 season.  Let’s preview tomorrow’s matchup between the #1 Alabama Crimson Tide and the #2 Clemson Tigers.

5:00 PM PT ESPN ALA -7.0

2 Clemson



1 Alabama


Ladies and gentlemen we have a rematch.  Hard to believe that we will end the 2016 college football season the same way we started the last year.  Clemson can win this game but they absolutely CANNOT commit any turnovers.  As long as Deshaun Watson is able to make big plays to his star receiver Mike Williams, and Wayne Gallman is able to get going running the football the Tigers should have a chance in this one.

Now the real question is, will the Tigers be able to stop the Alabama power running game with Bo Scarbrough because he was able to run all over #4 Washington last week.  Jalen Hurts is also a true freshmen making the start at quarterback in the biggest game of the season, so experience may be a factor here as well.  I also don’t think that Hurts is the complete quarterback that Watson is so don’t be surprised to see multiple turnovers from him in this game.

With as impressive as Clemson was in that 31-0 beatdown of an overrated Ohio State, I need to give this one to Bama.  Saban has been here before, and won five of them.  I don’t think Clemson has the defense to stop Alabama, and it will only be a matter of time until that Clemson offense makes a costly mistake against that great Bama defense.  I really want to pick Clemson in this one, but I just can’t.  Saban makes it six career national titles.

Alabama 27, Clemson 23

It has been a great season, stay classy everyone.