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Turner Field is a football stadium now

Photo Credit: 11Alive

The former home of the Atlanta Braves, and the 1996 Olympics, is moving into its third life in 20 years; this time it’s as the home of the Georgia State football team.

During the first phase of the renovations, seats are being built through the former right field. The plan is to finish getting the seats in the new are, as well as get the turf  placed by the season opener on August 31st against Tennessee State. Over the next few years, GSU will slowly turn the former ballpark into a 23,000 seat football stadium near downtown Atlanta. This way the Panthers’ won’t be temporarily leasing space at the Falcons new stadium.

As of right now, it appears unlikely that the naming rights to the stadium will be sold by opening night; so it’s going to be called Georgia State Stadium.

Check out some of the photos from 11Alive below.


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GSU didn’t just buy the stadium, they also bought the 68-acres surrounding the site. The university’s plan is to develop it into a mixed industrial and commercial use area.

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