Dodgers have the highest odds of reaching World Series

Photo Credit: Denis Poroy/Getty ImagesBusiness Insider

In other, nameless, leagues, there has become a startling emergence of the “Super Team”; these teams have been where all of the superstars have gathered themselves in order to guarantee themselves the best shot a championship…or two. This trend has yet to reach baseball yet, but the Los Angeles Dodgers are the closest thing that MLB has to it; as a result, the Dodgers are projected to win 111 games and have the highest odds to reach the World Series out of any team in the league.

Los Angeles has built this playoff run based off of a talented group of young players — Yadira Puig, Corey Seager, etc. — that have been experetly supplemented by talented veterans — Curtis Granderson, Yu Darvish, etc. Because of the immense amount of talent on the roster, the Dodgers are currently hitting .270/.335/.458 with a wRC+ of 109 (highest in the NL) while scoring an average of five runs per game (third highest in the NL). The strength of LA’s offense has helped overcome some of the pitching injuries and depth issues that have popped up throughout the season, ace Clayton Kershaw is expected to come off of the DL on September 1st, which has kept them on their nearly historic pace.

At 91-38, with a 19 game lead in the NL West, the Dodgers are going to be in the playoffs — Fangraphs currently says LA is going to win the division and there is no chance that the Dodgers are going to play in the Wildcard game. This means that the Dodgers are going to get an extra few days to rest as they gear up for the NL West team (right now Arizona and Colorado hold the Wildcard spots) survives the one game playoff to reach the divisional round. According to Fangrpahs, the Dodgers have a 36.6% chance of reaching the NLCS and a 19% chance of winning it to advance to the World Series.

No other team in baseball has such high odds in their favor.

Houston has the next highest World Series odds at 17.1%; then it’s Cleveland at 15.4%; and the Indians are followed up by the Cubs (14.4%), Boston (13.8%), and the Nationals (8.8%). 

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