Patriots offensive line issues continue in first half against Carolina

Photo Credit: Carolina Panthers

Tom Brady has been sacked twice in the first half of New England’s (2-1) game against Carolina (2-1) on Sunday. The Pats offensive line has been abused by the Panthers interior lineman during the first half.

Julius Peppers wracked up Carolina’s second sack of the game when he bullied the Patriots offensive tackle on Brady’s blind side, and forced himself into the back side of the pocket. Brady didn’t sense the backside pressure as he took a couple of steps back in the pocket until Peppers wrapped him up from behind. The future hall of famer felt the need to step back because his guards were getting beat up front and the pocket was collapsing in front of him.

Even when Brady has been able to get the ball off, he’s been rushed hard by the Panthers defensive line. Take a look at his first touchdown pass of the game.

Carolina only rushed four and they were still able to get into the backfield and put pressure on Brady as he was trying to read the field.

This could become a big problem for New England if the Panthers offense starts to fire on all cylinders (which it has yet to do all season) and this game turns into a shoot out.

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