Carson Palmer is having a bad first half in Philadelphia

Photo Credit: Rukkus

Veteran quarterback Carson Palmer has struggled to find holes in the Philadelphia Eagles’ defense throughout the first half of the game. When he has found a whole, Palmer’s throws have been off target and difficult for his wide receivers to pull in.

While Palmer completed nearly 58% of his passes during the first half, he only averaged 6.5 yards per attempt and he struggled to hit receivers in stride when they had a couple of steps on their defenders. Part of the veteran’s problem has been that Philadelphia’s defense has been constantly been in the backfield — Palmer has been sacked twice for a loss of 15 yards — which isn’t giving him time to work through his reads or actually pass the ball comfortably. But the other problem is that Palmer doesn’t have the deep ball like he used to, and the Eagles are keying in on the shorter routes which is drastically limiting the offense’s effectiveness.

As for Philadelphia’s quarterback Carson Wentz, he’s averaging 8.8 yards per attempt and has thrown for three touchdowns…Wentz has also picked up a couple of first downs with his legs to extend drives. Because of Wentz’s mobility, and Palmer’s struggles, Philadelphia entered the locker room with a 21-7 lead at the half

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