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Falk rewrites a conference record in No.15 WSU’s rout over Colorado

Photo Credit: Young Kwak / The Associated Press – Seattle Times

Washington State’s (7-1, 4-1) redshirt senior quarterback would rewrite the Pac-12 record for career passing attempts during the Cougars 28-0 rout over Colorado (4-4, 1-4) in Pullman, Wash.

The game would be put out of reach when quarterback Luke Falk hit Renard Bell on a five-yard post route to put WSU up 28-0. It was a ten play drive that saw the offense operate in fits and starts as Falk missed on a few passes while his wideouts dropped a couple of balls. WSU’s biggest play of the drive came when the redshirt senior hit running back Jamal Morrow on a shovel pass for a 19-yard gain.

Nine plays after another Colorado punt, Morrow would explode through the hole to score a nine yard touchdown run. The WSU offensive line opened up a huge hole for the senior tailback to run through and the next level of the defense was practically empty for a fairly easy touchdown. It was the best offensive drive either team had put together at any point during the first half or the early third quarter. Morrow’s touchdown gave the Cougs a 21-0 lead.

WSU would score its second touchdown of the game when Falk would find Brandon Arconado on a slant route. Arconado would pick up the first down before turning towards the end zone where he was rolled into the end zone by the Colorado defender. It was the last score of the first half and it would give the Cougars a 14-0 lead.

The first points of the game came when Falk found freshman wideout Davontavean Martin behind the safeties for a 50-yard touchdown. It was the best pass Falk had thrown to that point in the game as it hit Martin in stride for a fairly easy touchdown. WSU’s first touchdown of the game capped a three play drive that was quintessential air raid; two passes 

Morrow would cough up the ball as he was getting tackled at the end of a 12-yard run and the Buffaloes jumped all over the loss ball. Neither offense was able to do much through with the rock in the driving rain through the first quarter as there was six punts by both teams.

While the first half was a snooze fest, Falk would rewrite the Pac-12 record for career passing attempts.

Falk would finish the game by completing 17 of 34 passes for 197 yards and three touchdowns. The wind and rain clearly impacted his performance as there were several passes that blew sideways and away from his wide receivers. Despite the wind, the quarterback didn’t throw any interceptions…although he did come close on a couple of occasions. Washington State’s quarterback also tacked on 41 yards on nine carries (an average of 4.6 yards per carry).

As for Phillip Lindsay, the Buffaloes senior running back was shut down by the Cougars defense as he carried the ball 29 times for 98 yards…an average of 3.4 yards per carry.

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