The BS Show with Brett and Shane comes to Sports With Neil

One two…this on? …yup, looks like it’s on. Huh? What’s that? We’re live? Oh uh…-ahem-

Hello, readers of Sports With Neil! This is Brett, one half of a podcast we’ve lovingly named “The BS Show with Brett and Shane”…we’re kind of a small deal. We are a podcast that focuses primarily on Seattle-area sports! This time of year, the majority of our shows will focus strongly on baseball, though you’ll also get a dose of NFL and college football. We’re two generally fun sports dudes, me being the kick-ass Coug, and Shane being the shamefully dirty Husky, which of course leads to all sorts of fun hijinks and hullabaloo. We release episodes every Wednesday (and occasionally throw in some Bonus BS on other days), so from this point forward, expect this to be a regular thing. We hope you enjoy listening to the show as much as we enjoy making it!

For an idea of what we talk about in this week’s episode, I’m just going to copy and paste the description used with our Soundcloud/iTunes/Google Play links…and I will probably be lazy and do that for newer episodes as well. Feel free to subscribe at any one of those places, or just listen here! Do what works for you, listeners. Without you, we’d just be talking to ourselves. Also, cheap plug, but we’d appreciate it if you gave us a Facebook like if you enjoy the show–Shane and I not only post new episodes there, but also write game recaps and other stories a few times a week. You can find the Facebook page here.

Anyway. Episode description time!

The description will be short because the subject matter was pretty limited today. The two of us catch up on their last week, including two times where Safeco Field was stressed to its limits by having both Brett AND Shane in the house. Overall, it was a pretty damn solid opening week.

In the first half of the show, we talk about the week that was. With a day-ish game being played, we took a break to watch the game so the second half of the podcast could be spent reacting to what we just witnessed. Let’s just say the first half of the podcast was a lot sunnier and happier. Because it was definitely NOT a happy Felix day. There don’t seem to be nearly as many of those these days…

We wrap up the sports talk by talking a bit about the trade that sent Brandin Cooks to the Rams, and a little general Seahawks and NFL Draft talk. With the draft coming up later this month, we couldn’t go another entire episode talking just baseball, so hopefully we lightly scratched your football itch without irritating or infecting it.

Hopefully next week we’ll be reflecting on a far more fun day game. Until then, enjoy the big picture of opening week, instead of focusing on the bummer that was today.

Bonus link for Sports With Neil readers:  here’s the link to the FanGraphs community article I wrote that Shane and I talk about in the second half of the show.