The BS Show: The one where Shane feels nude; also what the heck is a Felix Hernandez?

Welcome back to another week of the BS Show, and in this one Shane is feeling particularly nude for reasons that are revealed at the very beginning. Don’t worry, we don’t bury the lede on the BS Show. But we also don’t spoil it in the description.

We talk mostly about the Mariners’ 4-2 win that only Brett watched, and their 6-4 start that they’ve both seen large parts of! We also discuss why they’re just 6-4 despite the fact that the season is now 14 days old. So much for playing every day!

We’ve observed many things thus far! First, the offense has been very good! They’re averaging 12.6 baserunners per game, despite missing three starters for almost the entire season and losing another after Saturday’s victory! On the other hand, they’ve had literally the worst starting rotation in baseball by FIP. This team has been more Xtreme than the Hardy Boyz, believe it or not.

James Paxton isn’t part of the problem, though, and he looked like the Cy Young contender he should be. Him figuring it out alone would go a long way for the Mariners’ overall starter numbers. With his performance today, he becomes the only Mariners starter to have a positive WAR in 2018!

We transition to some Seahawks talk, briefly discussing the Dontae Johnson signing before being angry at people that want to trade Russell Wilson, and also believing he’s not going to leave when his deal is up in 2020. Back off the ledge, people. Unless you want to get rid of Russell Wilson, the dude with the second highest passer rating in NFL history and most wins for a QB through six seasons of anyone ever. You wackos do whatever you want.

We wind the (surprisingly long!) show down by discussing our weekend plans, giving out our Swelmet of the week, explaining what Russell Wilson’s new TV show QB2QB is, and bitching about how good Shohei Ohtani is and how much it sucks that he’s being good for the Angels instead of the Mariners. And that’s it! Enjoy it, you wonderful people you. Thanks for listening. <3

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