The BS Show: Shane hasn’t gotten a Vogelbach jersey yet

Baseball was more good than bad this week! The Mariners went 3-2 between podcasts, and that’s the last time they’re going to play fewer than six games between podcasts until about the All-Star break! Hooray!

Shane talks about his first by line, while Brett bitches about his softball games being rained out again, and is mean to the league he plays for which he knows may get him in trouble, but he doesn’t care. Shane did far more interesting shit.

We focus on how the Mariners offense has gone cold over the last few days, but it’s not necessarily a big reason to panic right now, given the quality of competition they have faced.

Also, Ben Gamel is back! That means the Mariners are probably going to have to find a way to get rid of Ichiro in a non-messy way in the not-too-far-off future, which is both necessary and a total bummer. Mike Zunino should be back soon, too, so we talk about what to expect from those two as they return. Trust us, we’re smart and definitely are totally right.

Felix also looked legitimately good against the A’s, but only Brett saw it, so he offers some of his thoughts on why Felix did so good, and if he can continue to pitch like that. Of course, you’d already know most of this if you just read our damn recaps! Jeez, people, come on…

Also, Shane doesn’t have his Vogelbach jersey yet, but he has to get one after promising the man himself that he would get one if Vogelbach homered at the game he was at. Well, that was the game that Vogey mashed a tater over the hit-it-here cafe. So get to gettin’ that jersey, Shane!

We end the show by going over our weekend plans and giving out our swelmets of the week–yes, plural–because while both choices are defensible, we didn’t agree this week. That might be a first for this podcast!

We don’t get around to talking NFL this week, but with the draft coming up a day after next week’s podcast, we’ll be sure to talk some about the draft next week. For now, enjoy this awesome episode and its awkward ending! Don’t forget that you can also subscribe on iTunes or Google Play, if that medium is easier for you.