The BS Show: Now with some football!

Hey, we’re at a point in the year where football is relevant again! The NFL draft starts tomorrow, and the Seahawks hold the 18th pick. Will they use it? They definitely probably will, or trade back.

We start the show with baseball, though! Regular season baseball is better than the NFL draft, come on. And the Mariners went 4-3 since the last episode, including 4-2 on the current road trip! BS Show favorite Marco Gonzales looked good, Felix Hernandez looked pretty danged h*ckin’ solid, and Mike Leake had a start.

The highlight, Mariner-wise, is Mitch Haniger’s continued greatness. Seriously, dude is incredible. We could probably do a whole show about how good he is. But, we didn’t–we talked about other stuff, too.

One of the other things we talked about was the crazy decision to send Guillermo Heredia down instead of releasing Marc “bad at pitching” Rzepczynski, or letting Ichiro go. We are definitely very heated about that–especially Brett, who has an unhealthy man crush on the dude.

We also take a very uninformed look at the NFL draft, offering our thoughts on all of the quarterbacks that the Seahawks won’t be taking, and looking briefly at some guys the Seahawks might take.

We don’t have strong opinions on who the Seahawks should take at 18–if they don’t trade it away–but we do have strong opinions about Shaquem Griffin, who we think the Seahawks should take if they get the chance.

We also discuss our weeks that were and the weekends that will be, which is probably why you’re here in the first place. Because let’s be honest. We’re hella interesting dudes.