The BS Show: Obviously about James Paxton’s no-hitter

James Paxton threw a no-hitter last night. That, obviously, takes up a majority of the show. We’re both huge Paxton fans, and we gush over how great Big Maple is.

Then, there’s some turbulence when Brett and Shane disagree over whether the Mariners should have gone after Matt Harvey–but it’s a moot point, really, since he ended up with the Cincinnati Reds in the Great American Smallpark. Surely that won’t be disastrous.

We then discuss the nature of fandom, and what is appropriate for fans to do or not. Should Mariners fans be a little more rowdy and loud? Should they demand more? Is it ok to boo players? Or is their brand of fandom perfectly fine? Is there a right way to fan? We basically agree that there is only ONE wrong way to be a fan at a ballpark…and if you want to know what that is, you’ll have to listen, I guess!

Finally, we wrap up with the kind of BS we normally start the show with, and give away our swelmet of the week. I’ll bet you can’t guess who got it this time!

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  1. I think the biggest reason Félix gets more slack is because he has a longer track record and fans have more faith in his ability to adapt to what he is now.