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The BS Show: I mean, are PEDs really that bad though?

It wasn’t exactly a good week to be a Mariners fan. Like, the no-hitter was cool and junk. But we talked about that last week. Since then, the Mariners have gone 4-4 against one mediocre team and two bad ones. Oh, and star second baseman Robinson Cano not only broke a bone in his hand, but got popped for taking a diuretic that is often used to mask performance enhancing drugs. So he’s out for 80 games, and if the Mariners manage to make the postseason, Cano won’t be allowed to play in said postseason.

But are PEDs really that bad? One of us says no, and the other doesn’t emphatically say yes. Sounds like if we ran baseball, Cano would just be on the DL, not suspended. As it should be, trust us, we know what we’re doing. We’re always right.

We also discuss Ryon Healy’s recent hot streak, Mike Leake’s disappointing season so far, and lament the fact that the Mariners couldn’t capitalize on a rare good performance from noted bad pitcher, Marc Rzepczynski. All that and very little more in today’s dose of fresh BS!



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