Toliver hits five threes in Mystics win over Minnesota

Point guard Kristi Toliver scored 19-points in the Washington Mystics 12 point win over the defending champions on Sunday afternoon. Toliver scored 12 of those points from beyond the arc in an absolutely dominating performance for the nine-year veteran.

The crazy thing about Toliver’s three pointers is that the last two she made helped Washington retake the lead from the Lynx in the fourth quarter. Watch all five of her three-pointers below (from the WNBA Facebook page).

The point guard finished the night with a three-point percentage of 62.5% and a field goal percentage of 50%. What was surprising, watching the highlights, was that Minnesota’s defense didn’t try to double up on her to take away the offensive threat and potentially force a turnover.

While Toliver was the biggest offensive threat, the Mystics had three other players in double digits. Minnesota’s defense struggled to find an answer for the multifaceted offensive attack that Washington brought into the game.