The BS Show: The Seattle Mariners baseball club is good

Holy crap, the Mariners are good. Like, really good, at least so far. They’ve won 9 of their last 11 games, and are 5-2 since the last time we recorded. And they made an awesome trade, sending RHP Andrew Moore and RHP Tommy Romero to Tampa Bay in exchange for RHP Álex Colomé and OF Denard Span to the team! They also received $4.75 million from Tampa Bay, for some reason. We break down the trade and what it means for the M’s but here’s one spoiler: it’s real gosh-darn good.

Brett takes a look at Kyle Seager’s numbers and offers some reasons for Mariners fans to be optimistic, and later takes a similar look at Mike Zunino…give them some time, folks!

Unfortunately, we have to cover the elephant in the room: Félix Hernández was bad again in both of his starts since we last recorded, the second worse than the first, against a much lesser offensive team. As sad as it is for us, we discuss how much worse it must be fore him. One of us suggests using an opener for him, and one of us vehemently opposes it. Bet you can’t guess who thinks what!

We then briefly discuss the Seahawks’ signing of WR Brandon Marshall before giving away this week’s Swelmet and talking about our weekend plans, which are only slightly different than they usually are. Give us a listen to see what exactly those plans are!